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Isabella is born!
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Talks about his great week. (Video summary.) LOOK AT HIS SMILE! ♥

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Kaka will be Dad!!!
 What a wonderful news that Kakà & his lovely wife Carol shared with us on their Twitter accounts this afternoon; Carol is 4 months pregnant with a little girl Friends, fans & family, we are all really happy with this news and we wish them twice more happiness! Parabens!

RealKaka: It’s with great joy, that I confirm that my lovely wife @cacelico is pregnant of our 2nd child !! Now it’s a girl !!

cacelico Carol Celico Thank you! Gracias! Grazie! Merci! Danken! Arigato!! Rs.. Estou com mais de 4 meses.Feliz por ter um casal!! Nasce final de abril!

And as good news never comes alone, Mano Menezes (Brazil coach) said he counts on Kakà in 2011. Futhermore, Mourinho is waiting for Kakà’s return to strengthen the team: “Kaka can be the best signing of the winter, because there is no player of his quality on the market. Kaka is our solution.”

Well, after a hard year for Kakà with a lot of injuries, it seems that 2011 will be better, Yay! (from http://www.kakafans.net/?p=3484)

picspam \o/
Hey there :D I made a (not so) small picspam with a bunch of players, and since there are pictures of Ricky as well, I thought sharing was a good idea. :D

( Fake cut to my LJ, because it's way too big to re-post it LOL )

Also, I crossposted this a little bit, I apologize if that means this will show up multiple times in your f-list. <3

(This is my first post here, so I apologize if I messed something up. :P)


Kaka Signs Real Madrid Shirt for Trapped Chilean Miners

This is such a cool pic, I had to post it here.  Get the full story here at hala_madrid

Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti rules out move for Kaka


Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti has denied Real Madrid star Kaka could be set to join the Nerazzurri.

Kaka, 28, moved to Madrid from AC Milan in 2009, but has struggled with injuries and has failed to find his best form in Spain.

And following the summer arrival of Germany playmaker Mesut Ozil at the Bernabeu, reports have linked Kaka with a move away from Real, with Inter reportedly targeting the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year.

But despite Moratti admitting he would like to see the player at his club, he has insisted there is no prospect of a deal. "Kaka is a very nice idea, but he will not come to Inter," Moratti is quoted as saying by AS.

Inter director Marco Tronchetti Provera had recently hinted that a deal could be possible when he said: "I'd like to see Kaka at Inter."

From ESPN Soccer.net

Inter Milan show interest in Kaka

Inter Milan director Marco Tronchetti Provera is hopeful of pulling of a deal for Kaka in the next transfer window.

"I would like to see Kaka play for Inter. The player we saw at Milan was great, and I would like to see him wear the Nerazzurri shirt," Provera told Sky Sport Italia.

"Inter have signed many great players and you can see this by the champions the take to the field on Sundays.

"It's not a problem if we didn't sign anyone in the summer, but a useful player can always arrive."

However, the Brazilian is currently out injured, and current Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has indicated that he is keen on keeping the Brazilian at the Santiago Bernebeu.

This could be a stumbling block to the Serie A giant's chances of landing the midfield maestro unless Mourinho changes his mind about the player.

Kaká for Adidas SLVR 2010 Fall/Winter
Heeyyy everyone I'm new here...my name is Anita Tristi, but call me just Nita :D !! I've found these pics from Tumblr!!


Adidas photoshoot!
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Where do I find the HQ photos of this entire photoshoot. Entire. I want the whole thing. *___*

Fic: Guilty With Explanation (Kaka)


This is for happening, here’s one last fling before the summer is over;
For nesquik9, happy belated birthday;
And for estatiafani,who appreciates a little ROmance.

Guilty With Explanation
Rating: G
Disclaimer: What follows is a complete and utter fabrication.
Feedback: Very much welcome.

Author’s notes:
• This is a follow up to Real Men Cry so check that out to get a little of the back story.
• “She” doesn’t have a name, so feel free to insert yours ;-)
She’s hurt and angry; Ricky has some explaining to do.

He found her in the kitchen holding a full glass of juice she clearly didn’t want, looking out at the garden through the large glass door.  Her back was turned to him but Ricky noted the obvious tension in her body and knew immediately she was still livid. 

“I owe you an apology,” he said as he approached quietly.  He knew he had been wrong so he figured he may as well admit it upfront.

When she spun around to him face the anger flashed in her eyes.


Post-Surgery Pics of Kaka...

So, we all know that Ricky had just gone through surgery for his knee injury and according to reports, the surgery went 'well'. But how well did it go? How is Ricky actually doing now?

Let's find out for ourselves.

[17 pics]

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Poor guy.
Ricky, get well soon!! <3


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